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Step 4: Pick Your Cable Strategy

Cable Layout Options

  • After you have determined the location(s) of your Power Pack(s) and fixture positions, draw lines on your plan to indicate your runs.
  • Keep your runs as short as possible by avoiding any unnecessary backtracking.
  • Use the following diagrams to help you draw the most efficient layout for your lighting plan.
  • Use cable connectors (8150-9801-01) to quickly join 2 or more shorter cables, or change run direction. On runs over 50 feet or when 10 or more lamps are connected to one line, use 12 gauge cable, which will reduce voltage drop and produce greater efficiency from the lamps.

A. Series Installation

Most common.


B. Split the Load

Run up to the recommended maximum distance in two or more directions from the Power Pack.


C. Tee Method

Allows more even distribution of power to the center of a run or to a run some distance off, i.e. across a driveway. Heavier gauge cable (10 or 12 gauge) or a double run of cable should be used to make the tee. All cable to cable connections should be soldered.


D. Split Tee

Allows relative uniform distribution of power to both legs, i.e., to both sides of the yard.  Otherwise, the layout is the same as B.


E. Loop Installation

Allows for relatively uniform light output.*


*Polarity note: Please observe cable polarity when using “loop” installation.

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